Dementia Services Information and Development Centre

Steering Committee

The purpose of the Steering Comittee is to use the time and talent of representatives of key stakeholder groups to provide a decision-making forum for the planning and execution of the plans and the use of the human and financial resources of the DSIDC.


  • To provide governance and accountability.
  • To agree the vision, values and mission.
  • To appoint and oversee the director.
  • To approve the strategic plan and to monitor implementation.
  • To approve budgets, to monitor and advise on expenditure and to lobby for increased resources.
  • To provide professional input in areas of own expertise.
  • To agree changes in policies and priorities.
  • To provide advice and support to the directors.
  • To promote the activities and image of the centre.
  • To resolve tensions between different stakeholder groups.
  • To establish sub-committees and working groups as required.
  • To agree the roles and procedures and to manage the life cycle, ensuring succession and replacement of members and rotation of roles as required.
  • To regularly review the Terms of Reference, capacity, effectiveness and development needs of members.


The DSIDC Steering Committee consists of nine members and as per the original ‘constitution’ document is representative of St. James’s Hospital (SJH), Mercer’s Institute of Research on Ageing (MIRA), University of Dublin, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and the Dementia Services Information and Development Centre (DSIDC).

Current members include:

  • Dr Declan Byrne (Chair), Consultant Physician - SJH
  • Prof. J. B. Walsh (Vice Chair), Consultant Physician - SJH
  • Mr. Lorcan Birthistle  - SJH
  • Dr. Robert Coen, Senior Neuropsychologist - MIRA
  • Dr Conal Cunningham, Consultant Physician - SJH
  • Dr. Elaine Greene, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist - SJH
  • Dr. Louise Daly, TCD
  • Mr Matthew Gibb, Acting Director - DSIDC