What’s new in dementia this week


May 12th 2017



Ireland: Dementia in the media this week


1. ‘Dementia robbed us of future with loved ones’





Ireland: Dates for your diary


1. Sonas apc 9th International Dementia Conference:  Building knowledge, leadership and communities


The 9th Annual Sonas apc Conference takes place on the 15th and 16th May 2017 in City West Co. Dublin.


For further details and bookings please see https://sonasapc.ie/9th-international-dementia-conference/


2. Dementia Friendly Garden at Bloom 2017


Trinity Haus, Sonas apc and Newtown Saunders Ltd sponsored by HSE Understand Together and the TLC Group will showcase their Dementia Friendly Garden at Bloom from 1st-5th June 2017.


For more details please see http://bloominthepark.com/about/



3. Alzheimer Society of Ireland Online Education Social Learning - A Showcase!


‘Learn how the ‘Home Based Care – Home Based Education’ Erasmus+ project turned a face-to-face course into one delivered completely online’.


The event will take place on June 8th in DCU from 10-5pm.


For further details and bookings please see http://www.eventbrite.com.linkis.com/bKov0




4. 7th Annual Memory Clinic Conference


Registration is now open for the 7th Annual Memory Clinic Conference taking place on Friday June 16th 2017 in St. James's Hospital, Dublin 8.


Discounted early bird tickets are Ř80 and available until June 9th. Standard tickets are Ř100 thereafter.


To register for the conference please https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/memory-clinic-conference-7-tickets-32470198237


For conference details please see http://www.memoryclinics.ie/conference-timetable/conference-2014



UK: Dementia in the media this week


1. ‘Impossible cost: Dementia care bill would take 125 years to save for




2. A different future – dementia doesn’t care who you are’


Watch great new clip from Alzheimer UK here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACFNSNKuFTA



3. ‘Getting lost may be the first sign of Alzheimer’s, scientists discover’




4. ‘Maori haka and language may keep dementia at bay’





Worldwide: Dementia in the media this week


1. In-home care of dementia patients falls mainly on women’







2. ‘Challenges of mobility aids and dementia explored’





3. ‘Looking closer at MCI, the complex forerunner to dementia’