Dementia Services Information and Development Centre

What causes Dementia?

Alzheimer’ s Disease

Alzheimer’ s Disease (AD) is by far the most common type of dementia.

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Vascular Dementia

Vascular dementia which is the second most common dementia sub-type after AD is caused by damage to the blood vessels that supply brain cells leading to loss of blood flow to the brain.

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Dementia with Lewy bodies

Dementia with Lewy body (DLB) is a form of dementia that occurs because of abnormal deposits of a protein called ‘lewy bodies’ inside the brain's nerve cells. 

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Fronto-temporal Dementia

Frontotemporal is an umbrella term and there are several forms of this condition including...

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Intellectual Disabilities and Down’s Syndrome

Medical advances and improvements in health and social care have led to an increase in the life expectancy of people with intellectual disabilities thus leading to the conditions and illnesses of older age.

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Younger onset and rare causes of Dementia

Younger onset dementia or early onset dementia is a term used to describe any form of dementia diagnosed in people under the age of 65.

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