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New World and National Reports on Dementia


The World Alzheimer Report 2016 reviews the state of healthcare for dementia around the world, and recommends ways that it can be improved. Through cost modelling, the report shows that these improvements are affordable and achievable.  The Report was independently researched and authored by the Global Observatory for Ageing and Dementia Care and the PSSRU at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. click here to download a copy




To mark World Alzheimer's Day the HSE and Genio published the first comprehensive Community Supports Model for People with Dementia in Ireland. Although informed by international learning, this model is a unique Irish innovation and draws from the experience of four key demonstration projects undertaken across Ireland from 2012-15. The focus of this work has been on dementia but the learning from the model also has potential for all older people's services and other service areas.

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Projects involved with the HSE and the Genio Dementia Programme have sought to gain the perspective of people with dementia through the course of their work. People with dementia were provided with real opportunity to contribute to the design of initiatives at development stage, and throughout the lifetime of the project as initiatives were planned and implemented. How this engagement can occur and be effective when seeking the input of people with dementia at varying stages of the dementia journey is the focus for this paper.  This publication is a practical guide to the many ways that people at varying stages of dementia can be supported to contribute to the design of services in a meaningful way.

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