Dementia Services Information and Development Centre

Living with Dementia Programme

Established in 2007, the Living with Dementia programme (LiD) was designed to tackle the marginalization and discrimination some people with dementia experience and to overcome widespread misconceptions held in society about Alzheimer's Disease and the related dementias.  Another key objective of LiD was to enhance practice and service provision and to improve quality of life for all those diagnosed with dementia and their formal and informal caregivers.  Inherent in its philosophy was the belief that psycho-social interventions in dementia care make a difference and can improve quality of life for people diagnosed and can also reduce caregiver burden.  One of the key activities of the LiD programme was the recruitment and supervision of young academics in the social sciences to develop research competencies in areas previously under-investigated in the Irish context.  Apart from graduating six PhD and ten Masters students, since its inception, LiD actively participated at many different national and international conferences, including Alzheimer's Europe, InterDem, the Nordic Congress of Gerontology, Gothenburg, Sweden.  Last year, in collaboration with DCU it hosted a cross-institutional symposium at the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine - European region conference (IAGG-ER) in Dublin.  LiD has been committed to translational research and many of its studies have been published in formats accessible to lay people and accessible through our website.