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Is it possible to have an online learning community where the learners can come together to talk about the course and answer each others questions etc?Like a comment section maybe?

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I’m Dearbhla and I will be facilitating this class.

Thank you for enrolling on this short course – Dementia- what is it? and What’s brain health got to do with it?

I’ve designed this course so that by the end of the course you will have be able to

  • Identify what dementia is and the range of symptoms people experience
  • Explore the role of brain health in helping to reduce the risk of dementia.

To help with this I’ve broken the course down into 17 lessons and quizzes. The first lesson is a short quiz which you must do before you commence Lesson two.

Here’s what we’ll be covering today

Lesson 1: What do you know about dementia?

Lesson 2: The brain and memory

Lesson 3: What is dementia?

Lesson 4: Types of dementia

Lesson 5: Dementia risk factors throughout the life course

Lesson 6: Some dementia risk factors explained

Lesson 7: What you can do to reduce your risk

Lesson 8: References

Person Centred Care

Lesson 9: Barbara’s Story

Lesson 10: Perceptions of dementia

Lesson 11: Teamwork

Lesson 12: The origins of person centred dementia care

Lesson 13: Key components of person centred dementia care

Lesson 14: The dementia care environment

Lesson 15: Communication

Lesson 16: Powerful voices

Lesson 17: How you can help support the people you care for

Nice to meet you!

Before we begin, lets introduce yourself to your new classmates (how can we do this- is there a comment section available. Share something about yourself and why you’re taking this course.

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Overview of dementia
Whats brain health got to do with it?
Person centred dementia care- IN PROGRESS
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Lesson Content
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