Overview of dementia
Whats brain health got to do with it?
Person centred dementia care- IN PROGRESS

Who was Tom Kitwood and what did he do for dementia care?

Professor Tom Kitwood was a trailblazer in the field of dementia, he placed the person with dementia at the centre and rejected the standard medical approach to dementia (Fazio, 2018).  He wrote ‘Dementia Reconsidered: the person first in 1997, this book brought together all his work over the previous decade and some regard it as the ‘bible’ of good person centred dementia care.

Kitwood’s philosophy was based on looking at what the needs of the person with dementia are and determining that love is at the centre of care followed by five psychological needs- comfort, attachment, inclusion, occupation and identity (Fazio,2018). He called this his ‘flower of needs’ which is pictured here.




Activity- (can this be out in a pop up box?)

Take a few minutes to write these down and then move on to the next topic.

Think about Kitwood’s five psychological needs- how do you meet the psychological needs of those you care for?