Dementia Services Information and Development Centre


MissionOur mission is to promote excellence in all aspects of dementia care in Ireland so that people can live well with dementia and enjoy a good quality of care.  We aim to promote an informed understanding and awareness of dementia, provide evidence-based education and training to practitioners working in the field, conduct and support local and international research and evaluation, and provide a consultancy and information service both at an individual and corporate level.  Our ultimate aim is to have people eschew their fears and the stigma often associated with dementia to enable the individual to live a rich and more fulfilling life.

Our values include:

  • A relationship-centred approach and one that respects autonomy and trusts the individual's capacity to choose
  • Respect for personhood and rights of the individual
  • Recognition of the need for working in partnership in order to provide seamless and comprehensive services determined on the basis of need rather than on income or social class

Our logo reflects our vision, mission and values and takes its inspiration from nature, a growing leaf uncurling and protected by an older leaf. The image symbolises growth, strength and support and the changing hues in colour represent development.