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The DSIDC promotes an awareness of dementia by providing education and training to health care practitioners.We enable participants to increase knowledge and skills and develop attitudes which enhance their ability to provide the best possible care.

Our education programmes are designed to respect and build on the experiences and knowledge of practitioners. Courses encourage active participation and sharing of experience and challenge popular misconceptions about dementia. They are underpinned by a person centred philosophy that views dementia as a disability.

Practitioners are encouraged to reflect on their practice and to consider innovative ways of approaching the person with dementia so as to minimize the disability associated with cognitive impairment. The underlying ethos is that much can be done to enhance the quality of life of the person diagnosed with dementia.

Courses are designed to be inclusive of all staff working within the particular care setting whether residential, community or acute care. A range of teaching and learning strategies is utilized in the delivery of our courses to facilitate learning.

Consistent with the philosophy of person-centred care, a humanistic educational perspective is adopted which respects each course participant as an individual. They are given in a relaxed atmosphere and participants are encouraged to contribute and respect others’ contribution.