Dementia Services Information and Development Centre

Autumn Conference 24th November 2011

"Keeping in Touch” Improving Communication for People with Dementia

Professor Clive Ballard 
Keynote Address (PDF 800k)

Laura Cole 
Focus on Progressive Language Disorders (PDF 230k)

Dr Tony Young and Chris Manthorpe 
Developing a Dementia Toolkit for Effective Communication (PDF 72k)

Avril Dooley 
Difficult Conversations: the role of mediation in assisting people with dementia and their families (PDF 550k)

Maggie Ellis 
Adaptive Interaction – A new approach to communicating with people with very advanced dementia (PDF 120k)

Ana Diaz 
QoL among Nursing Home Residents (PDF 360k)

Dr Robert Coen
Cognitive Stimulation Therapy