Dementia Services Information and Development Centre

Helpful resources that may help with social isolation during COVID-19

If you are at home caring for a person living with dementia and are experiencing less social contact we have prepared a collection of resources which we hope you will find helpful during these times of uncertainty


Gardens provide opportunities for exercise and relaxation please download our collection of ideas and suggestions

Gardening please download here





Helpful resources to keep you and the person you are caring for both physically and mentally active as you possibly can while at home

Exercise please download here








Everyone reacts to music here are some ideas to help you to include music in your everyday life

Music please download here








Researchers have found that visiting art museums can offer significant relief for people living with dementia. Here are some alternative ways that you can pay a visit to a museum.

Arts and Museums please download here







While we are all maintaining safe social distance and spending more time at home, it could be a great time to start writing or putting together a life story which might become an invaluable resource in the future.  A life story is a record of the information of the life and events of a person.

Lifestory please download here





We all possess memories, we all have our own unique life history. Recalling the past is a means of owning it and hence preserving ourselves. It is a here and now process
which holds the teller and the told in relationship with each other.

Reminiscence please download here