Non-Cognitive Symptoms of Dementia (Half day)

This course was formerly titled ‘Responsive behaviours’


To provide participants with an understanding of the non-cognitive symptoms of dementia and to identify strategies that might potentially help people living with dementia who experience these non-cognitive symptoms.

Learning outcomes

  • Expand participants understanding of what the non-cognitive symptoms of dementia are.
  • Identify potential triggers for behaviours.
  • Understand how cognition, emotions, the environment and behaviours are all connected.
  • Understand how working as a team is important in the identification and management of non-cognitive symptoms.
  • Demonstrate how effective communication skills can help in managing and maintaining relationships between people with dementia, health care staff and other people involved in supporting the person.
  • Identify practical and simple preventative approaches that can help.
  • Examine how non-pharmacological interventions can support the person who is experiencing non-cognitive symptoms.

Course Dates:      Postponed

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