Symposium on Dementia and Caregiving Friday 23rd May

The Symposium drew on the experience of several expert academics working in the field of ageing, dementia and caregiving. The event was opened by the Provost of Trinity College, Dr Patrick Prendergast who reminded an audience of some 80 people, about the challenges and dilemmas of ageing and dementia.  The key-note speaker was the world renowned Professor Steve Zarit who was on a study tour to Ireland.   Professor Zarit is a distinguished Professor of Human Development and Family Studies from Penn State University in the United States.  He is a prolific writer and he and his wife Dr Judy Zarit have made an enormous contribution to the field of ageing, dementia and caregiving over the last 30 years.   Other speakers included Professor Eamon O’Shea from NUI Galway (author of the Action Plan on Dementia).   Professor O’Shea has been most influential over the years in Ireland for setting the agenda for the aged care policy reform.  Professor Charles Normand Health Economist from the School of Health Policy in Trinity College Dublin also addressed the audience providing a humorous yet informative paper on the broad topic of formal and informal care.   The occasion was also used to show-case some recent PhD graduate work along with the findings from a new national survey of dementia specific nursing homes in Ireland.

L-R Dr Ana Diaz, Dr Caroline O’Nolan, Associate Professor Suzanne Cahill, Professor Steve Zarit and Professor Eamon O’Shea pictured at the Symposium on Caregiving and Dementia

Caregiving at a Cross-Roads; Bridging the Gap between Science and Practice
Professor Steve Zarit


Costing Care for People with Dementia in Ireland
Professor Eamon O’Shea


“I Have a Good Life, I just want to Keep it”; Subjective Understandings and Objective Evaluations of Quality of Life after Diagnosis of Dementia
Dr Ana Diaz


Burdens and Paradoxes in Caregiving
Professor Charles Normand