Raising Awareness with the HSE Living Well with Dementia Programme – October Calendar of Events

The Living Well with Dementia Programme are working towards achieving their vision of:

Raising Awareness / Understanding / Reducing stigma of Dementia

To provide the person living with dementia and their care partners a choice to live in their community as a valued, equal citizen
To develop a community that respects, supports and empowers people living with dementia
To develop communities  where a  person living with dementia is socially and culturally valued as they travel their dementia journey, served by a comprehensive set of easily accessible, visible, personalised and interlinked supports
That the will and preferences, beliefs and values of each person living with dementia are listened to, heard and respected at all times
To see the person, NOT their dementia and the programme has a strengths based approach.

Throughout the month of October 2018 a number of events have been organised to support achieving this vision.

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