Defining the Person-centred Approach.

Let’s start with defining the person-centred approach.

The person-centred approach is quite difficult to define and explain. You could say it’s a way of thinking and caring that focuses on the PERSON rather than the illness, problems etc they may have. It helps you to ‘park’ the dementia in a manner of speaking and look at the PERSON behind it every time you interact with them. It is an approach to care that consciously adopts a person first perspective which subconsciously brings forth the person which is frequently referred to as person-centred care (PCC).

Select each of the following to learn more about the person-centred approach ….


Now take a look at this short video (2mins) which explains PCC. As you watch it select one or two of the statements/messages that particularly impressed you. It may help to pause the video while you write these down. 

Person-Centred Dementia Care – Culture Change Network of Georgia

Which statements/messages particularly appealed to you?

Perhaps you selected some of the following statements from the video. Turn each of the three cards to see some of the important messages/statements that this video is communicating …

Think of three practical ways in which you could use this information to change your interactions with a PwD. Make them more real by writing them down.

Now let’s have a look at WHY the person-centred approach is so important in dementia care.