There are a number of action that can be taken to help prevent the development of dementia. It is important to note that these actions can only reduce the likelihood of developing dementia. Preventions are outlined below:

  • Keep your mind active – Mentally stimulating activities, i.e reading can delay the onset of dementia and decrease the effects.
  • Be Physically and socially active – 150 minutes of physical exercise a week and socially engaging with others can delay the onset of dementia
  • Quit smoking – by quitting smoking a person may reduce their risk of dementia whilst improving your respiratory and cardiovascular health
  • Manage cardiovascular risk factors – Being proactive in the treatment of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even diabetes can reduce your risk of or even delay the onset of dementia
  • Maintain a healthy diet – diets rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and omega-3 fatty acids can promote health and lower your risk of developing dementia. Being overweight can also increase the risk of developing dementia and a healthy, balanced diet may help with this
  • Treat hearing problems – Early treatment of hearing loss, such as use of hearing aids, might help decrease the risk of developing dementia

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