World Alzheimer’s Day September 21st 2015

Seminar on Memory Problems, Brain Health and Cognitive Reserve on World Alzheimer’s Day

By way of marking World Alzheimer’s Day the DSIDC and the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland jointly hosted a seminar designed to up-skill health care professionals and the public about memory problems, brain health and cognitive reserve.  The seminar took place at the Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club in Dublin on Sept 21st and attracted much interest.   The event was attended by over 100 practitioners, service planners, people with dementia, caregivers and other lay people. Speakers included Dr Alberto Blanco, Neuropsychologist at Our Lady of Lourdes hospital in Drogheda, Dr Olga Cleary, Policy Analyst from the Institute of Public Health and Dr Sabina Brennan Neuropsychologist and Co Director of the NEIL programme at Trinity College.  A key message conveyed at this seminar was the importance of primary prevention; that cognitive and brain health in later life is rooted in physical and mental health from early life and that we can all engage in lifestyle choices and behaviours which may ultimately delay or reduce the risk of our developing dementia in later life.  The event was chaired and opened by Suzanne Cahill Director of the DSIDC and Tina Leonard, Head of Advocacy and Public Affairs at the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland, made concluding remarks.

Dr Alberto Blanco

Understanding the Cognitive Signs and Symptoms of Dementia

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Dr Olga Cleary

Modifying the Risk of Dementia

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Dr Sabina Brennan

Brain Health Building Reserve and Reducing the Risk