Spring Synapse Seminar 23 April 2010

Dr Suzanne Cahill (PDF 1.9MB)

Dr Emer Begley
Learning from the Person with Dementia (PDF 145k)

Dr Kate Irving
Memory Screening Service (PDF 153k)

Ms Joanne Flood
Crisis Development in Community Care (PDF 1.1MB)

Mr Patrick Glacken and Ms Anna de Siun
Dementia Education (PDF 1MB)

Dr Adeline Cooney
Reminiscence Methods (PDF 177k)

Ms Grainne McGettrick
Continuing Care (PDF 1.9MB)

Ms Sarah Donnelly
Communication in Family Meetings (PDF 1.1MB)

Ms Treena Parsons
Reminiscence Therapy (PDF 7.6MB)

Prof Mary McCarron
Dual Disability (PDF 468k)

Mr Stephen Wey
Orphaned Skills (PDF 4.2MB)